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Posted in Letters by misterroadtripper on January 4, 2011

Manny at Nakkefestival, Denmark

Manny with Xed Le Head

Hey Bob, long time no see. This summer, July 2010, I was flown to Ireland to be interviewed for “My Swastika,” a documentary on reclaiming the swastika, which is due to be released next summer. I was guest speaker and showed slides at The Traditional Tattoo and Culture Festival at Cobh (pronounced “Cove”) at the southernmost tip of the country in County Cork.

The tattoo artists included dot-work king Xed Le Head, Phil Cummins, Joe Monroe, Colin Dale, who does Eskimo tattoos, which are sewn under the skin, Ferank Manseed, Swasi Dan, Flying Swastika and Nica Le Head of the Mudra Ink Family and Durga from Indonesia. The theme of this festival was swastika reclamation. I was asked by most of these artists to tattoo a small swastika on each. I’m not a practicing tattoo artist but I had great fun doing this. I also came to appreciate the hard work of doing good tattoos. In Dublin, I went to Trinity College where I saw swastikas in the Book of Kells, which is a Celtic-illustrated four gospels of the Bible, a beautiful art piece.

With Astarte at Irish Tattoo Festival

I then was guest speaker at a four-day underground music festival in Denmark called Nakkefestival. In Copenhagen, I went to the gates of Carlsberg Beer, which are guarded by four huge stone elephants marked with ancient sun-wheel swastikas. Carlsberg used the swastika on their labels and caps since 1881 and stopped in 1938, just before the war broke out.

I was covered in many European magazines, including Total Tattoo and Bizarre of London and Tatowier of Germany, as well as French and Dutch magazines.

All the best,

Manny (

Manny and Ferank

With Joe Monroe

With Carlsberg Beer Elephant

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  1. ManWoman said, on January 4, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Bob, thanks very much for this. The most exciting thing for me right now is how the sacred swastika restoration is spreading on the Internet.

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