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Posted in Contests, Gallery by misterroadtripper on December 23, 2010


Thank you very much for inviting me to enter the competition. I cant believe that I won! Well, I guess I must be doing something right. Anyway, as you asked, I having added some more photos of recent work and also wrote a little about myself, too. I would like to ask something from you, if I may: I would like to auction or raffle the books on your site and have the money go to a charity of your choice, as, at this time of year, I think the money raised would be better put to a good use than simply being a book on a shelf. If you could do that for me, I would be very grateful. I’ve been so frustrated trying everything to get a name for myself in this trade, so I would like to ask if you would print some information about me on your online magazine, as this would be a Christmas present that I would like. Either way, please sell the books for a charity, please. The studio I work from is in Birmingham, England, and is the former Micky Sharpz studio, now named Tattooz. I started working here fifteen years ago on a three-year apprenticeship, working under Steve Hartnoll and Richard Pearson, with a little help along the way from Micky Sharpz. I have only really started working with a Japanese influence over the last three years, as Richard left to open his own studio. He tattoos mainly Japanese style and, since a lot of people still come here looking for Japanese work, I wanted to learn, so I started eating, sleeping and sh*ting Japanese art, as I needed to learn quickly. It’s now become an obsession! I know I have lots to learn, but am looking forward to it. In the early new year, I will be starting new pieces which, in the Japanese tattoo world, don’t get used much, but I like the rarer characters, as I hope people realize there’s more to Japanese mythology than dragons and koi. I am not knocking koi and dragons, it’s just that there’s so much more. I’m hoping the New Year brings more great tattoos and, hopefully, I will have time to make more tattoo machines and paint some more ideas. Take care and have a great Christmas and New Year’

—Gary Stanley
819 Stratford Road
Sparkhill, West Midlands
Birmingham, England

Note: We will be auctioning off the two wonderful Edition-Reuss books that Gary won and donating the money to our favorite charity, Friends in Deed, “The Crisis Center for Life-Threatening Illness,” in New York City. I will keep you posted.—Editor

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