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Posted in Gallery, Letters by misterroadtripper on December 16, 2010

The Fire Damage

Hey, Bob:
I apologize that it has been a while since I have touched base. As we have had a fire here at Silver City Tattoos. We should be back in the shop in about three weeks. It was caused by a log truck catching a power line crossing the main road to my shop. Thanks to a good Samaritan and joining firefighters the fire was put to rest quickly. I was blessed as my family, friends and community were all so quick to offer any support they could. My biggest thank you goes out to a neighboring tattoo artist Jeff Day owner Of Day Dreamz Tattoos, who took the time to bring me a key to his shop offering me a place to continue my bookings. I tattooed Jeff’s hand as a token of my appreciation. Here are some pics of that, as well as a few others I have done in his shop. Thanks, Bob. I hope all is well!

—Kirt Silver (Silver City Tattoo, Nova Scotia, Canada)

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  1. Jeff Day said, on December 16, 2010 at 9:33 am

    Hey, Kirt. Thanks so much for the awesome tattoo. It’s been a blast working with you and Earl. Shelley and I wish you guys the best.

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