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Posted in ANNOUNCEMENTS by misterroadtripper on December 11, 2010


By Bob Baxter

Fifteen years in the fantasizing and seven months in the making, Vince Hemingson’s dream of declaring to all the world that tattoo art is “fine art” was realized on Friday night, November 26th, at Performance Works on Granville Island in Vancouver, British Columbia. An exhibition of the photographic skills of twelve Vancouver photographers and one hundred inked models, the photographic fruits of a four-day photo session at the Vancouver Photo Workshops at 14 West 7th, seven months previous, in May, were collected, culled, sorted, divided, prepared and mounted on the black-velvet walls of a high-ceilinged gallery located amidst the public market, yoga studios, oyster houses and slow-moving traffic of colorful Granville Island, Vancouver’s “town square.” The perfect place to celebrate diversity. And that’s what Hemingson did, by not only making a significant visual statement, but gathering together an extraordinary number of partiers to toast the event. “I hope to bring in 400 people for opening night,” he told me, a week or so before the big show. “There’s stories in all the local newspapers. That ought to help,” and help it did. Due to Hemingson’s obvious marketing skills, over 700 people attended the Friday night opening and the football-field-sized gallery hall was packed with happy sardines for a show that included special guests Lyle Tuttle, yours truly and Melody Mangler’s Screaming Chicken Burlesque Revue. All that and a free drink ticket for everyone in attendance. It was cold outside, but, inside… it was time to par-tay!

Click HERE for entire story and lots of photos on

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