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Posted in Human Interest by misterroadtripper on December 6, 2010


By Kumar Saurav for

His hunger for world records has made him sip a litre of tomato ketchup in 40 seconds, design a bra that can accommodate 60 pairs of assets and ride a scooter non-stop for 1001 hours. Meet Guinness Rishi, who’s busy climbing the record ladder while others his age are taking to the walking stick.

Rishi’s son, a software professional in Chicago, refuses to acknowledge him publicly, his wife refuses to walk hand-in-hand, and the in-laws address him as a joker. But well, he’s still enjoying the last laugh, with his 250 sexy tattoos at 67.

His real name is Har Prakash Rishi, and that first name he’s acquired for obvious, exhibitionist reasons. And no, retirement ain’t around the corner yet. “I’m getting flags of 220 countries tattooed on my body (150 done), and a world map with country flags, too,” he smiles with childlike pride, and goes on to say how ‘say no to terrorism’ in 60 languages in next up on the tattoo cards. It will take three years to ink his entire body, but they’re no breaks, he assures. “Then, I’ll separately attempt three more records – a non-stop tattoo marathon for 46 hours, wearing 234 tees one over the other, and putting on 99 pairs of socks. And I must mention the nine-foot bra I’m planning. I’ll use it as a door in my house!” he chuckles.

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