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From the articulate and informative forewords by Petelo Sulu’ape and Keone Nunes to the page-by-page explanations of numerous indigenous tattoo symbols and designs, Lane Wilcken’s Filipino Tattoos: Ancient to Modern is one of Schiffer Publishing’s best efforts at capturing the history and body art practices of a specific, ages-old and, in this case, head-hunting tattoo culture. Written and organized in a style that will appeal to both the historian and the casual tattoo fan, the 160-page book is filled, cover-to-hard-cover, with helpful drawings, fascinating historic images and current, full-color photographs of the tools, the designs and the colorful inhabitants of the world of Filipino tattoo art. Rounding out the informative and entertaining text is a full glossary and commentary by native Filipino people wearing their life-affirming designs, making this finely-crafted volume not only an excellent addition to the wintertime reading list, but a must-have reference guide for tattooists who are intrigued by other cultures and inspired by their dramatic and meaningful tattoo art. Filipino Tattoos: Ancient to Modern may be purchased ($39.99) by logging onto Don’t miss this one!


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Triangle Tattoo is happy to announce their new book, Captain Don Leslie—Sword Swallower, Circus Sideshow Attraction, by Madame Chinchilla! They are now accepting orders for this momentous publication.

Captain Don Leslie—Sword Swallower, Circus Sideshow Attraction by Madame Chinchilla is the official biography of Captain Don, one of the truly great legends of the tattoo world. During his final days, Captain Don related his fascinating story about life in the circus and his deep connection with the ancient art of tattooing. Read all about life in the circus, during the last century, back when the traveling, canvas, outdoor sideshows flourished in America.

The Captain was very active in creating this book, sharing his personal stories, photographs, news clippings and many of his unique works of folk art. This is his story! His Life! In his own words! Note: Click images to enlarge.

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Dear Bob and Mary,

I have received the Black and Gray Book collection, thank you very much. It is a wonderful set full of so many great works of art by many talented artists from around the world. Such a huge and heavy trio that I will need to get a new book shelf to house it. Many thanks to Marisa Kakoulas, Edgar Hoill and Edition Reuss for putting the book together, for putting on the contest and the most thanks to the many awesome people who voted for me. They will be very welcome books in my collection. All the best,

—Larry Brogan (Tattoo City, Lockport, Illinois)


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Tattoo photos from Ron Russo (Ron57) from 570 Tattoo Co. in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.


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Prize #1

Prize #2

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EDITION-REUSS CONTEST #2 (Japanese-style Tattoos)

Win Tattoo in Japan and Black Tattoo Art. Deadline for entries is Midnight, Friday, November 26th. Click Contest button for rules.


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Hi Bob!! Jim Carter here… I just wanted to share a pic of the 1st tattoo done in my new studio. The shop is called Incendiary Tattoos, located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I moved back to my home on the west coast to open my own studio. It’s a pretty exciting time, as this is the 1st shop I’ve opened of my own and things are really going great. Thanx a million for the work you’ve already posted of mine. It is an honour. I hope you enjoy this piece. Cheers… Jim


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We just posted the first installment of Dawn Rosa Cole’s feature on tattoo shops in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here’s a sample. For more of the story and a slideshow, click HERE.


Text and photos by Dawn Rosa Cole

By day, Las Vegas looks like a tweeker got hold of a bedazzler. By night she beams into outer space, demanding the attention of the entire universe.

Las Vegas, Nevada, Sin City USA. Built in one of the harshest deserts in the United States, Vegas demonstrates the fragility of the human skin and the power of man to overcome nature. she is a dynamic city with an element of danger written into her DNA. She doesn’t run on a calendar or clock but offers a vague lure of satisfaction and a questionable promise of secrecy to all her visitors and inhabitants. Vegas guarantees that some will win, but most will lose. “For losers,” Hunter S. Thompson wrote, “Las Vegas is the meanest town on earth.” Who, then, are the winners? Who knows not the meanest of the town, but the kindest? She’ll spit you out as a loser and feed you a formula of failure or she’ll show you she’s not the meanest town at all—but the kindest.

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Photo by Maury Englander (Graven Images)

In some cities across America, having a visible tattoo is a definite no-no. Not in Maury Englander’s neighborhood, however. On Manhattan Island, it seems, you can keep the peace AND show your ink.


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Do you have some not-so-perfect tattoos that, after a week 0r a month or a year, you wish would disappear? Here’s a solution: as with this illustration of a night sky, stare at the crescent moon long enough and the stars will disappear. How many can you make evaporate? Maybe, if you practice this technique long enough, you can make your unfortunate tattoos go bye-bye, too.


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A business in Dubai is giving customers the opportunity to get a temporary 24-carat gold tattoo for special occasions like weddings, according to several reports, including Reuters. The starting price for the glitzy skin art is $50 at Precious Skin, which has two outlets in Dubai. The tattoos are made of 99.9 percent gold or platinum, Reuters noted. “It’s like jewelry for the body, but it’s also fun,” Arnaud Flambeau, managing director of Flambeau Luxury Trading and Precious Skin, told Arabian Business. “The tattoo is like a second skin and very comfortable to wear. They are ideal for weddings, parties or special occasions.”

The tattoos were first introduced to the United Arab Emirates just two months ago and originated from Japanese designer Nobuhiko Akatsuka in 2006, AB reported. Flambeau said that many women in the emirates get temporary henna tattoos for weddings and other occasions, and suspected that adding gold to the mix would catch on. “It’s a lot easier to make the decision to get a gold tattoo than buy new jewelry,” he told Reuters. “More complex and larger gold tattoos cost upward of $5,500,” he said.