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Posted in Book Reviews by misterroadtripper on November 23, 2010


From the articulate and informative forewords by Petelo Sulu’ape and Keone Nunes to the page-by-page explanations of numerous indigenous tattoo symbols and designs, Lane Wilcken’s Filipino Tattoos: Ancient to Modern is one of Schiffer Publishing’s best efforts at capturing the history and body art practices of a specific, ages-old and, in this case, head-hunting tattoo culture. Written and organized in a style that will appeal to both the historian and the casual tattoo fan, the 160-page book is filled, cover-to-hard-cover, with helpful drawings, fascinating historic images and current, full-color photographs of the tools, the designs and the colorful inhabitants of the world of Filipino tattoo art. Rounding out the informative and entertaining text is a full glossary and commentary by native Filipino people wearing their life-affirming designs, making this finely-crafted volume not only an excellent addition to the wintertime reading list, but a must-have reference guide for tattooists who are intrigued by other cultures and inspired by their dramatic and meaningful tattoo art. Filipino Tattoos: Ancient to Modern may be purchased ($39.99) by logging onto Don’t miss this one!

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