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Posted in Road Trip Stuff by misterroadtripper on November 20, 2010

We just posted the first installment of Dawn Rosa Cole’s feature on tattoo shops in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here’s a sample. For more of the story and a slideshow, click HERE.


Text and photos by Dawn Rosa Cole

By day, Las Vegas looks like a tweeker got hold of a bedazzler. By night she beams into outer space, demanding the attention of the entire universe.

Las Vegas, Nevada, Sin City USA. Built in one of the harshest deserts in the United States, Vegas demonstrates the fragility of the human skin and the power of man to overcome nature. she is a dynamic city with an element of danger written into her DNA. She doesn’t run on a calendar or clock but offers a vague lure of satisfaction and a questionable promise of secrecy to all her visitors and inhabitants. Vegas guarantees that some will win, but most will lose. “For losers,” Hunter S. Thompson wrote, “Las Vegas is the meanest town on earth.” Who, then, are the winners? Who knows not the meanest of the town, but the kindest? She’ll spit you out as a loser and feed you a formula of failure or she’ll show you she’s not the meanest town at all—but the kindest.

Click HERE to continue.

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