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Jen Lee-Tattoo City


This site is not sponsored or controlled by a major publisher or corporation. That is a good thing. It allows us pretty much unlimited freedom to print what we want, show pictures of bare bottoms and bare breasts, if we want—these kind of images are pixilated or blacked-out in tattoo magazines on the newsstand—and print an enormous number of information and photos from artists, shops and collectors around the world. With a magazine’s limited page count, they are limited to a handful of pictures. On our website, we can print as many photos as we like and put up extensive slideshows of favorite artists. With our e-zine and Daily Blog, the communication with you, the readers, is immediate. You send us photos or a letter today, it gets posted tomorrow. With a tattoo magazine, what with the editing, design, production, printing, binding and shipping, there is a lag of three to four months from the time an article was written and when it reaches the newsstand. If I received a comment on an article in the print magazine, a reader’s response would not see the light of day for nearly four months. By that time, no one remembered the original article that you, the reader, is talking about. Very awkward. Want to publish news about a gallery show or convention appearance that starts next week? Our website can put up the notice tomorrow morning. A magazine needs at least four months.

Rob Merrill-Goldfield's

The downside of being on our own and not having a giant publishing house behind us is, of course, the budget. Everything we put into the website and the Daily Blog is generated by advertisers. And, since we are just getting started and don’t want to fill our pages with ads generated by Google or other Internet profit systems (they can pretty much post whatever they want, whether it be an ad for a mattress warehouse or a second-rate tattoo shop), we don’t have the funds to publish everything that we would like to publish. Thanks to you, we have grown from a few hundred hits to tens of thousands per month. In fact, our readership numbers already exceed the newsstand sales of the magazine that I edited for nearly fifteen years. Our idea is working… although there are articles and photos that, because of our limited budget, we cannot afford to produce. Case in point: Charles Gatewood’s extensive feature on eight tattoo power shops in San Francisco, California. His San Francisco Tattoo Scene coverage of Tattoo City, Diamond Club, Everlasting, Goldfield’s, Greg Kulz, Idle Hand, Moms and Skull & Sword and separate slide shows of these shops’ work is ready to go, but we need a sponsor to make it happen. So, if you would like to underwrite this project, please contact us. I’d hate to see this story that Gatewood worked on for the better part of a year to produce go to some print publication that would chop it, edit it down and print only a handful of the hundred or so photos. The tattoo community, especially San Francisco, would be extremely grateful and your name would be attached to something important. It’s a fabulous article and you might be just the benefactor or company to make it happen.

—Bob Baxter



Erik Jacobsen-Idle Hand

Greg Kulz

Bill Salmon-Diamond Club

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