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Posted in ANNOUNCEMENTS by misterroadtripper on November 13, 2010


As editor-in-chief of Skin&Ink magazine for fifteen years, I have made contact with practically every top tattoo artist, supplier, publisher, promoter, convention vendor and shop owner in the business. In short, I know “where a lot of the bodies are buried.” I know who is fair and honest. I also know the shysters and con artists. Most importantly, I have a personal, trusting relationship with every advertiser on our website. The suppliers, for example: so many of them tell me that they screen everyone who calls in to order some product. They do this, they say, to filter out the scratchers and the wanna-bes who don’t own an autoclave (they cost a lot of money) and do inferior tattoo work out of their filthy garages. But the fact is… they say this, but, when I call, using a fictitious name, all they ask for is my credit card number. Not at Wes Wood’s Unimax Supply Co. or Mary Jane Haake’s Dermalsource. These are legitimate, professional, responsible businesspeople. They can be trusted and, in an industry where trust and honesty is all that keeps it together at times, there is nothing more important. Same with the artists that we promote—Deano Cook in Atlanta, Robert Pho in Las Vegas, Johnny DiDonna and Matt Lukesh at Seppuku in New Jersey, Mike and Mehai Bakaty at Fineline Tattoo in New York City, Larry Brogan and Uncle Tim Heitkotter and Mr. G—these are are tattooists at the top of their game. These are some of our advertisers… people you can trust. These are, quite simply, the best in the business.

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