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Posted in Gallery, Human Interest by misterroadtripper on November 13, 2010


By Travelin’ Mick

Noon, from France, is one of the founders of the modern abstract minimalism movement that has rocked the tattoo world, during the past few years. With influences that reach from childrens’ scribblings all the way to Picasso, he brings across his message quickly and right in your face! And, on top of all this intellectual concept, his tattoos are just sooooo cute.

“It took me five years to be able to draw like Michelangelo, and then it took me the rest of my life to draw like a child.” (Pablo Picasso)

This is a quote from the great master of cubist art, a person who quickly appears in conversations, when you talk to Noon. But whatever you do or say to convince him otherwise, Noon insists that he is not an artist himself. “I am not comparing myself to Picasso, at all. I am an illustrator on skin, more an artisan or skilled craftsman doing tattoos than an artist. I am just using the ideas of my customers and illustrating them!”

Continued— For the complete story and a Noon slideshow, click More Noon and go to Tattoo Goodies.

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