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Posted in Gallery, Road Trip Stuff by misterroadtripper on November 11, 2010

One of the many features on the website is Destinations/USA. There you will find numerous North, South, East, West and Alaska/Hawaii shop stories, artist features and tattoo slide shows. Today, we are showcasing Deano Cook. Lots more photos at More Deano.

Photo by Bernard Clark


Back in the day, tattoo studios looked more like motorcycle repair shops. Both the clientele and the surroundings were rather rough-honed and foreboding. But in the last few years, tattoo shop owners have cleaned up their acts and the focus is now on cleanliness and efficiency. At the top of that list is Psycho Tattoo, Deano Cook’s dentist-office-on-acid in Marietta, Georgia.

Perfectly laid out (every tattoo station his it’s own TV and sound system with earphones), every corner, from the waiting area to the piercing room is meticulous, clean and modern. While the predominant theme is marine life (there’s assorted aquariums and snippets from amazing Deano’s underwater photography on flatbed TV monitors wherever your eye wanders), the most striking element is the efficiency. Deano has it just the way he wants it. Much of this is due to his brother, Russ, who took charge of our visit, lined up the models to photograph and, seemingly, all in one breath, not only provided the answers to all of our questions but made us feel comfortable and at home.

However, the star of the show is clearly the sun-tanned, fit and athletic, Deano Cook himself. While it is clear that he is currently crazy for anything aquatic, Deano has been a lover of the ocean since childhood. He had an uncle who started him out, crabbing, fishing, snorkeling, doing a lot of activities around the ocean.

“My love for it developed, literally, when I was still in diapers,” recalls Deano. “My uncle already had me out doing things in the bay—he had a house in Florida—so it’s always been a strong passion of mine. It wasn’t until a little way into my tattoo career that I figured out how to marry the two together. This was a purposeful tactic on my part, to keep me doing something I love. The one helped me perpetuate the other. Now there’s a blurry line between when I’m working and when I’m playing. Because of it, all my vacations become part of my work. I dive and do underwater photography and it all adds to my image bank, my reference library.”

Up until Deano came along, the predominant underwater tattoo subject was an octopus, the one where the tentacles are wrapped around a shark or a giant squid, for example. You saw it over and over. And then we started seeing Deano’s tattoos of marine life, plants and coral. I think he was the one that started to bring in all the diverse aquatic elements to tattooing.

Continued—For the rest of this story and a cool Deano slide show, click More Deano.

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