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Get ready to send in your digital or real-time photos and win a copy of TATTOO IN JAPAN and BLACK TATTOO ART from Edition-Reuss (a $275 value). Click the CONTEST button, to get started:

Reviews from Total Tattoo (United Kingdom).


Every once in a while a book arrives at the office for review that literally recharges your batteries and reignites your enthusiasm for the wonderful world of tattoo that we live in. Tattoo in Japan is just such a books. At first I thought the price tag sounded a little on the expensive side, but having taken a really good look at the book, I can assure you it is well worth the money!
The introduction to the book offers an overview of the current tattoo scene in Japan, along with a brief history of the art. It contrasts the traditional ‘tebori’ artists, with their historical lineage and quite, out-of-the-way studios, to the more modern street shops, who take their influence from Western sub-cultures and musical movements like punk and rock & roll. The intro runs nicely into a section of reviews of about half a dozen of the major artists working in Japan at the moment, from both the traditional and modern genre. And then comes the real meat in the sandwich…a huge selection of tattoo photos, all of them fanstastic, full page masterpieces.
Some of the tattoos featured may be familiar to some of you as they have been published in other European magazines but much of the work is fresh and hasn’t been presented in beautifully rich, sturated colours and the book is printed on really good quality paper which helps to make the images come to life.
Although ‘Tattoo in Japan’ is predominately a photographic book, there are several sections of text, focusing on specific aspects, areas and artists along the way. These sections, although brief are informative, well written and thoughtfully laid out, adding to the enjoyment of the book as a whole. One chapter pays particular attention to the ‘Chubu’ area between Tokyo and Kyoto where many of the rising stars of the modern Western-style movement are based including Sabado and Genko, two of the major influences in the development of the Western influenced tattoo in Japan today. In contrast there is an in-depth interview with Horikoi, a traditional tebori tattooist who is also responsible for co-hosting the annual tattoo summit held in Toyohashi.
In case you haven’t realised it yet, I reall loved ‘Tattoo in Japan’. It really is a must-have for anyone who loves the Japanese style of tattooing, although be warned…you may need to reinforce your book shelf as it is a large book with over 300 pages, 40mm thick and weighing in at three kilos!

StarsFive stars for BLACK TATTOO ART

Many of you will know of Marisa Kakoulas for her beautiful black tattoos by Daniel DiMattia from Calypso Tattoo in Belgium that have appeared in numerous tattoo magazines. Marisa has now turned her lifelong passion for black tattoos into this superb new book.
Black Tattoo Art is a sumptuous volume which covers every aspect of monochrome tattooing, from its tribal roots around the world to the modern day masters of the medium such as Xed Lehead, Jondix, Daniel DiMattia, Leo Zulueta, Cory Ferguson, Colin Dale, Noon, Alex Nardini, Mike the Athens, Rory Keating and many more.
It is a superbly detailed and meticulously researched tome (as you would expect, with Marisa being a journalist and lawyer by profession) and contains a history of black tattooing through the ages and around the globe as well as interviews with some of the today’s major protagonists of the art, which puts the tattoos into an intellectual and historical context.
The production values of Black Tattoo Art are superb, as we have come to expect from German publisher Edition Reuss. And, with over 500 pages stuffed full of the most glorious photos, this book is a true visual fest, nay, a banquet! If we had a six start rating, Black Tattoo Art would certainly merit it.

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  1. Epoch Threads Tattoo Apparel said, on October 30, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Wicked! Getting Pics of my Tatts ready!

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