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Posted in Gallery, Letters by misterroadtripper on October 26, 2010

Hey there. This is Gabriel Cece. I proposed to my wife through Skin&Ink, back in 2003, and you’ve asked me to remind you of that, whenever I send any correspondence. The reason I am writing, is that I just opened up Studio Evolve Tattoo, in Virginia Beach. We are a fully custom, by appointment studio, located in an office park, as a second floor walk-up space. I am interested in what you are doing with the website, and I am curious as to how it works to advertise there, or get a write up or review type article…below, you can click on the link, and see an online version of our studio press packet, and if you need it, I could snail mail you one as well…also, please check out our studio website or my personal site, to see what we are all about…thanks man, I hope to be hearing back from you soon…take care and be well…

—Gabriel Cece

Dear Gabe:

To advertise, call Mary at (503) 896-0835 . To get featured on the Blog, do what you did: send some text and some pix to To be featured in a website feature… practice, practice, practice.

—Bob Baxter

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