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Posted in ANNOUNCEMENTS, Road Trip Stuff by misterroadtripper on October 14, 2010

We’ll be at Steve Peace Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival again this year (October 15-17). As many of you know, this is one of my favorite shows anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. In fact, here’s a few paragraphs about the one we attended in 2008! By the way, click the banner on the left for more details.


It sounds like an advertising slogan, but it’s true: This year’s Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival was bigger and better than ever. Hard to believe, since last year’s event got rave reviews. The fact is, Steve and Lindsay Peace expanded on perfection. With nearly two hundred artists (including headliners Paul Jeffries, Deano Cook, Tom Renshaw, Sailor Jerry Swallow, Bob Tyrrell, Larry Brogan and John the Dutchman) a super-efficient facility with extra-wide aisles—complete with carpeting, I might add—easy-flowing ticket lines and a first-day crowd of nine thousand through the turnstiles, this may be the best tattoo show of this or any other year. Being Calgary, there was lots of empty flesh to fill, so the artists were busy and the vendors enjoyed cash-in-hand crowds in front of their booths.

“I’ve done a lot of shows,” said David Nestler (he’s the fabulous artist who painted our September “Heartbreaker” cover), “but Calgary is the best. At one show I sold only twenty dollars’ worth of prints on the first day. On the first day in Calgary, I’m almost sold out!”

You’ve got to hand it to Peace, he thinks of everything, starting with the hotel. Sure, we all prefer to have the event on site, so we can stagger up to our rooms and take a break during the festivities, but being only a six-dollar cab ride away, back and forth was fast and easy. With two seemingly endless lines converging on the ticket booths, the lobby of the gargantuan Calgary Roundup Centre was bustling with activity. Headed by the ever-ready LeBlanc brothers, red-shirted staffers roamed the hall, ready to answer questions, solve problems and point the way.


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