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Posted in Letters by misterroadtripper on October 12, 2010


It had been a long couple of weeks, so Lady J and I decided to take a break and hop a train north to visit Steve. He lives near Poughkeepsie. Along the way, the train passes Sing Sing Prison, which is north of New York City, on the Hudson River, or, in the case of the prison, “up the river. Steve, fortunately, is not in Sing Sing, but we couldn’t find him at the at the station, where he was supposed to be, a situation compounded by the fact that Lady J’s cell phone battery died. So, we set off, minus Steve, for the old railway bridge, which is now a pedestrian walkway one hundred feet or so over the Hudson River, and one of the coolest ways to see neighborhood. Fall colors are just beginning, and you can see for miles up and down the river. Anyway, after a couple hours of slow trekking, we headed back in search of lunch—and maybe Steve, although at this point we had given up on finding him. Actually, Poughkeepsie is so small that, on a Sunday afternoon, there is hardly anyplace to eat. Fortunately, there was a local Italian Street Fair. Wile this street fair definitely wasn’t in the San Gennaro class of Italian Street Fairs, they did serve up a decent sausage hero, and we were hungry. So, even though we did not meet Steve, it still turned out to be a nice break on a lovely fall day. Oh, and while we were downing the sandwiches, I spotted this belly dancing babe, with this beautiful piece across her midsection. You may ask what a belly dancer was doing at an Italian Street Fair in Poughkeepsie. Or maybe, like us, you just accept the fact that she was looking lovely and that she let me take this shot. Like I said, a lovely day. And maybe we’ll go visit Steve next week.

—Maury Englander

Maury Englander/Photography

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