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Posted in Gallery, Letters by misterroadtripper on September 24, 2010

My husband, Robb, is a surf photographer, a snowboard tuner and casual longshoreman. He got his first tattoo at 13 years old. A buddy of his used India ink, a needle and thread to make a small “R” on the web of his right hand. Mom wasn’t happy. Three years later, he managed to get tattooed by Rick Walters at the infamous Bert Grimm’s Tattoo Parlor. He fondly recalls, “Those were the days when tattoo artist carried guns in their pants.” Over the past 26 years, Robb has been tattooed by various artists in California and Colorado. Most of the tattoos represent his life experiences, but he does have a few just for shits and giggles. Even his mom likes several of them now.

—Ria Ann Wilson

Long Beach, California

Note: Be sure to click on images to enlarge.

Tattoo by Mike at Sharkie's

Kid at Rockstar in Boulder, Colorado

Big 5 at Union Electric, Wilmington

Kevin at Sharkie's

Mike Suarez at Tattoo Mike

Tim at Sharkie's

Mike at Tattoo Mike

Kevin at Sharkie's

Mike at Tattoo Mike

Mike at Sharkie's

Kevin at Sharkie's

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