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Posted in ANNOUNCEMENTS by misterroadtripper on September 17, 2010

Dear Friends!

After ten years of working as a tattoo journalist and photographer, I have finally managed to get together my first tattoo calendar for the year 2011!  Now, at last, you can have some of my best portraits from traditional tattoo cultures around the world on your wall.
I chose the title “In Your Face—The Beauty of Traditional Tattooing,”  in order to show the beauty, dignity, pride and sense of humor of my models.

The title page shows a devotee of the Ramanami sect, of whom only a few dozen remain, living their secretive and pious life in the very centre of India. The man depicted has never seen a white person before, but is visibly not too impressed by my presence, showing the balance and confidence his faith is giving him. His fair skin and piercing blue eyes make the history of these people from the heart of South Asia even more mysterious.

“In Your Face” will also be the title of my photo exhibition that will start traveling around the world, beginning this December at the Singapore Tattoo Arts and Culture Show. If you have suggestions on where else to exhibit, please let me know!  —Travelin’ Mick (Michael Laukien,

Mick tells us that the calendar costs 20 Euro plus 6 Euro shipping in the EU (in the U.S. it’s 30US$ + shipping), and there will be discounts when buying three or more, particularly if you want to sell them in your shop. He will also sell the calendar personally at the tattoo conventions in Paris, London, Tokyo, Brussels, Berlin and Singapore. This calendar is a trial project for Mick, and he is definitely planning to do more printing stuff in the future, including books, of course.

P.S. The calendar can be purchased through

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