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About six posts ago, I suggested that tattooists sending in artwork should send at least a dozen images, a biography and contact information. Well, the beauty of this website is how fast things happen. No sooner did I post that suggestion than I received the following, heartfelt bio and lots of images from Josh Dobbs from Classy Tattoo in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That a way, Josh. Much appreciated.

—Bob Baxter

Josh Dobbs

MY NAME IS JOSH. I have been professionally tattooing for about four years. I am all about art, it is a huge part of my life. I also have an amazing son, Mayan, who lives in Halifax Nova Scotia his mom. I started off self-taught with homemade equipment, never a good idea. It is very unsafe and I strongly recommend that nobody does it. After a little while screwing around that way, I packed up, left Sault St. Marie and moved to Hamilton, Ontario, to stay with my uncle and try to get a job in a shop. I was constantly turned away with my horrible portfolio of homemade catastrophes. With little hope and about to look for a new line of work, I landed a job in Sauble Beach, Ontario, at a shop called Adrenalin. It was a busy beach shop, and I was thrown in without an apprenticeship. On some weekends, I worked in in the neighboring town of Port Elgin, where I met a good friend and fellow artist Jay French. He taught me the essentials of black-and-grey tattooing. That summer, I also met the love of my life, Sam. At the end of the summer, we moved to Saint Sauveur , Quebec, where I did a short stint in South Beach Tattoo. I didn’t get along there too well, so I returned to Ontario. After a few months of B.S., I went back to the Sault, where with my parents helped me open a small shop. It was my first attempt at being a business owner, so just about anything I could do I did wrong.  I called it Love Ink, for my girl Sam. We ran that for about a year, then I closed down and moved to Montreal, where I worked at Pain Shop. I worked there for about seven months. The city was getting to me, so I took off to Jay’s shop, that he had opened in the small town of Goderich, Ontario. I worked there for a couple of months, then moved to Collingwood, where I worked at Perfect image with a cool, traditional guy named Garth Gray, Jesse Smith from Show Inked and a starting-out-guy named Jason. My craziness and stubborn don’t-take-shit attitude caused some confrontation with the owner, and I had to leave. Next stop was PEI Hometown Tattoos, where I am working now, with some very cool owners and artists.  I have been a lot of cool places and met a lot of interesting people and friends on my journey tattooing, as well as learned a lot from talented tattooers.  I am now in Halifax, where I co-own Classy Tattoo Company.

—Josh Dobbs

Classy Tattoo Company

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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  1. Kirt Siver said, on September 2, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Josh as we both worked at the Maritime tattoo festival. Josh is an amazing tattoo artist who is very humble about his art. He packs a lot of talent in the all arts. His paintings and tattoos are outstanding and a joy to look at!

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