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Posted in Letters by misterroadtripper on August 29, 2010

How are you, Bob? I’m okay, just trying to take it easy and find new adventure, some foreign exotic place to go for a while. My stroke is still a handicap. Enjoy it all while you can.

I’m back in the Carolinas taking a rest.  I got out  of Oklahoma, after I was stung on my big toe by a scorpion in the ranch house.  It was a very a painful sting. With a series of intermittent surges that included intermittent pulsating with a painful throb thrown in. It was a real surprise, but I did manage to mash the little bastard. It was all gone in the morning when I woke up.  Not a mark. Needless to say I walked around with a lit flash at night, from then on.  The “then on “ was only a couple of more days, as I killed three more wandering around in the bunk house.  The rest of the cowboys there managed to kill several more bringing the body count up to over a dozen or more, so I left. Interesting, as each day passed they got slightly larger as they were growing.

When I was in Thailand, I encountered a very large black scorpion at three a.m. lying on the floor in a circle of moonlight, as it shown through a window. Well, I killed that one on the spot and left it on the kitchen table for all to see in the a.m. No one paid any attention. The next a.m., on the way to the bathroom, I met a very large black centipede. This one was lying in the moonlight on kitchen floor. No one commented on that one either. They had packed up lunches and were walking off to the rice fields to work. Turns out the rice fields have cobras running all over the place. My father-in-law told me that the snakes were tolerated, as they kept the rat population down. They, the cobras, also kept the tourists away. Later, I caught the train back to Bangkok and took a taxi back to Pataya Beach, rented my nice hotel room on the seventh floor overlooking the beach and enjoyed the rest of the summer. Roughing it in Thailand has a whole new meaning.  I don’t recommend the marriage, though. It was worse than the scorpion  sting !

See Ya,

—Your Friend Zeke (

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