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Posted in Road Trip Stuff by misterroadtripper on August 24, 2010

From Michelle Myles and her website:

Now that we’ve all caught our breath from last Friday here’s a couple shots from the day. We were very close to 200 tattoos it was definitely 180+.  We don’t have an exact tally for the day, a couple friends and associates got to sneak past the sign in system up front so our release form stack is not an exact count. Our apprentice Mina did an amazing 41 tattoos!!!!! Orrin had the most customers with 48 falling slightly behind Big Steve’s record 51. In my book Kevin got the best Friday the 13th tattoo of the day (pictured left) combining the dolphin from the current sheet with the shark he got the last Friday the 13th and some small embelishments thrown in with her blush and little heart. Love it. Maury Englander Stopped by and got some excellent pictures for the Tattoo Road Trip website (click on “More Tattoo Goodies”).

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