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Posted in ANNOUNCEMENTS, POLLS by misterroadtripper on August 18, 2010



Twitter Report/Wednesday, August 18: After a few days of speculation, Kat Von D took to Twitter to announced that she and Sandra Bullock’s ex, Jesse James, are indeed dating. Kat has since deleted the Tweet—but once it’s out, there’s no going back. “Kat is totally into him,”  a friend of hers tells PopEater’s Naughty But Nice Rob. “Jesse just has this way with women that makes you melt. Plus, Kat feels bad for him. He’s the most hated man in America, after what he did to Sandra, which she finds kind of sexy.”

And although Bullock tells PEOPLE in a new cover story that she’s “moved on” from James, a friend of the actress tells PopEater she’s still surprised he moved on as quickly as he did.

Rumors about the new couple began when James was spotted at dinner with Von D in Las Vegas on Saturday. Though Von D’s rep brushed off the fuss, saying the two were “just friends,” the fact that the pair dined alone and sat cozily on the same side of a booth at Palms Casino Resort’s N9NE seemed to tell a different story. “Toward the end of the meal, the duo were spotted holding hands. They continued holding hands as they left dinner and headed to a black Mercedes that James was driving,” PEOPLE reports.

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I think this is all well and good, because, as we all know, Kat is such a splendid representative of our five-thousand-year-old-tattoo-tradition (she makes us all so proud…WRONG!), but isn’t this outlaw guy from the 1850s just a little old for her?


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