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Posted in Human Interest, Letters by misterroadtripper on August 12, 2010

The following exchange was sent to me by Vince Hemingson. We thought you might find it interesting.


Yahoo has a sexy new icon. What gives? Are her tattoos real? Who is she? How old is she? How much is she being paid? How did they find her? My inquiry to Yahoo’s public relations department has gone unanswered. Perhaps with your web presence, you’ll have better luck. Let me know what they say.


Maurice Franks, Professor of Law (

*   *   *

Dear Maurice,
You are correct, Yahoo DOES have a sexy new icon, one that shows the growing ubiquity of body art within mainstream popular culture. The tattoos of the young lady in question are an excellent example of a graphic designer’s superb grasp of the use of Photoshop. Hence, I am sure she is a model, chosen for her delightful, girl next door quality. I do find it interesting that Yahoo’s marketing department has decided that body art and social networking both uniquely reveal something about an individual. And tattoos and body art, especially large “tattoo sleeves” on a young woman, are still rare enough to make her seem cool, edgy and an early adopter of social trends, something Yahoo no doubt wants potential users to consider when it comes to using their products. And with Yahoo’s search engine expertise it has probably not escaped their notice that tattoos continue to be a top ten internet search item and that more than one of three North Americans between the ages of 18-35 have one or more tattoos. According to a recent Harris Poll, it’s 36%! Needless to say, Yahoo’s marketing campaign is certainly an “artfully” executed attempt to resonate with the segment of the marketplace that has embraced tattoos and body art as a form of personal expression.
Warmest regards,

Vince Hemingson
The Vanishing Tattoo

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