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Posted in Letters by misterroadtripper on August 11, 2010

Hey, Bob:

Thanks for running my Gogué note (with a little cleaning). Sometimes things need to be said, not taking anything personal. Okay, maybe, but we are 49ers (not the football type). Our home is just off Brannan Street (the guy that sold mining equipment). We walk past assay offices and Gold Alley on the way to Henry Goldfield’s shop. Only the first ones there (Gold Rush) made the big $$$, while other folks sold eggs, shovels, laundry and other services. The tattoo party would not be the same were it limited to the first twenty artists in the game, now would it? Thanks for creating a community where one can express an opinion or just sound off once in a while. By the way, good on ya (“I want to learn to tattoo”). Kid, take your talents to canvas, it will last longer (flippin’ kids these days).
—Mr. P & Mary

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