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Posted in ANNOUNCEMENTS by misterroadtripper on August 10, 2010

Here is a letter from my dear friend and world-class photographer John Wyatt. He is putting together another fabulous book project and wants YOU in be involved. Here’s the letter:

Tommy Guns photo by John Wyatt.

Hi, Bob:

It was great to catch up with you on the phone today. Attached is a photo of Tommy Guns, a former underground fighter. He fought with no rules, referees or doctors. For now I would like to find people in the New York/New Jersey area. I am looking for men and women who are currently fighting in a ring or cage, the street or who have done so in the past. The photographs and an interview in each person’s own words will be for a book called “Tough Guys.” So far, I have photographed some well-known people and some contenders who come from Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, kick boxing and Muay Thai. Also some bouncers and pro wrestlers. The people have all been involved in full-contact fights and, whether they win or not, will fight to the end with their best efforts. All participants will be given photographs. Please contact John Wyatt at, or call (908) 322-4202. To view this project please look at my website: John Wyatt Photography.

Thanks so much, Bob. I wish you and Mary the best of success with your new, beautiful endeavor and also getting the raccoons, which may be the harder of the two. I have this vision of those who tried to get the cartoon character Road Runner, but I don’t think they had shotguns.

The Very Best,


Wow, that is an incredible photograph. Something about it has really grabbed hold of me. The guy, the tattoos, maybe the truck, not sure, but Mr. Wyatt has certainly composed something meaningful there. I can’t wait to check out the whole book. I hope you’ll keep us updated on its publishing. —

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