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Posted in Gallery, Human Interest, POLLS by misterroadtripper on August 9, 2010


I received a package today from Myke Chambers, complete with diskette, biography and photos of the artist. Myke has an interestingly style, traditional but definitely with his own twist. It’s good to see the current crop of tattooists focusing on this type of art, rather than graveyards and bloody corpses (Paul Booth already has that genre cornered). Myke would have fit in really well back in the ’50s at the Pike.

Myke Chambers from Eternally Bound Tattoos in Austin, Texas, has been tattooing for sixteen years. Homeless from the age of fifteen, Myke hopped freight trains, ate out of the trash and slept anywhere he could. It was pretty much him, his backpack and his dog. He became a drug addict and alcoholic by age seventeen. He kept up this nightmare for the next thirteen years, until he checked into a rehabilitation center. That was September 8th, 2005. He hasn’t done drugs or had a drink since. Today, he is clean and sober and owns his own shop in Austin. As Mike says, “I hope to continue learning until the day I die. As soon as I think I know it all, I’m done for.”

His style isn’t as innovative and loose as say someone like Sabado in Nagoya, Japan, and his roses aren’t “Goldfield” roses, but I think Myke has some excellent and original interpretations of time-honored themes. What do you think?

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