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Posted in Human Interest, Humor by misterroadtripper on August 1, 2010


“Tum-te-tum-te-tum. I wonder what I’ll do today? I know, I’ll shop for shoes. Naw. That’s too boring. Hey, maybe I’ll go try the cheeseburgers at that new place on Elm Street. Eh eh, I’m not really that hungry. I know. I have the perfect solution: I’ll get my head tattooed. So what if the National Tattoo Association won’t let me in the doors of their convention. And I bet it doesn’t hurt at all. I mean, how could it? I’m feeling no pain now and I bet that having a tattoo needle grinding and buzzing like a nest full of hornets into my skull for three or four five-hour sessions is a piece of cake. I’m over eighteen and can do any damn thing I want. Now, where’s that money I was saving for a down payment on a condo?”

MORAL: Don’t drink and drive (especially to the nearest tattoo parlor).

MORAL #2: There are people on this planet who have a hundred times more tolerance for pain than we do.

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