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Posted in Helpfull Stuff by misterroadtripper on August 1, 2010


Tattoos on the hand (sometimes referred to as “job killers”) are a big step for the body art collector. No more hiding your ink under your shirt sleeve. But more than that, getting a hand tattoo can be a real test of courage, a trial by fire, so to speak. It wasn’t that painful for me, but I remember, several years ago, seeing Hanky Panky’s wife, Louise, getting her hand inked, and she was not having any fun at all. It may because she had her fingers done. That sounds like an “ouch” to me. If you are thinking of having your hands inked, I suggest you do some serious contemplation. You may think it’s cool, but lots of other people don’t. Like employers, for instance. And fathers of pretty girls who are considering having you as their son-in-law. Hey, you should think long and hard about getting any tattoo, but, when it comes to getting one on your hand, prepare for the repercussions. It’s a commitment, that’s what it is. And one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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