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Posted in Gallery, Letters by misterroadtripper on July 30, 2010

Dear Tattoo Road Trip:

My name is Mike Cann. I own and work at Folk City Tattoo in Suffolk, Virginia. My favorite styles are traditional and old-school. I have been tattooing for three years, and couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I love my job and work hard at it. Take some time to check out my work and you will not be disappointed.

—Mike Cann (Folk City Tattoo, Suffolk, Virginia)

I really appreciate it when one of our web-sighters sends me a package with a letter and a diskette. It takes a lot of courage, in my opinion, to send tattoo photos to a person (me) who calls ’em like he sees ’em. In other words, if I think the tattoo work is great, I’ll praise it. If the work is not so good, I’ll say that, too. In the case of Mike, he says “you will not be disappointed.” Quite frankly, I’m not. Mike’s work is pretty damn good for someone who has been tattooing just three years. I’ve seen better… and I’ve definitely seen a whole lot worse. Mike, I like your work. Simple and clean. It looks like you have been gleaning ideas from tattooists who have come before you, from Grimm to Grime, and I am sure you thank your lucky stars that they built an art form and an industry that allows you, with just three years of experience, to own a shop and charge money for doing what you love to do. Thanks for the pix.

—Bob Baxter

Bob: Thank you so much for posting me on your blog and the kind words you said. It really means a lot. It is things like that that give me the courage to send out more of my work and the motivation to become a better tattoo artist.  I cannot thank you enough.  —Mike Cann

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