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Posted in Gallery, Letters by misterroadtripper on July 28, 2010

Vancourt Richards from Slave to the Needle in Seattle, Washington is the guy with the most clicks on his YouTube interview with me (fr0m the N.T.A. Convention in Seattle). When they visited us in Hood River, a few days ago, they raved about the quirky restaurant/hotel/resort place in nearby Troutdale and sent some photos.  Here’s a note from his remarkable wife, Shantelle… plus some pix of Van’s old-school flash.

Okay, you guys:

Here is the place that we all will gather for an unreal Tattoo Weekend (or to celebrate the success of Tattoo Road Trip… whatever). Next time you guys go for a ride, go visit this magical place (McMenamins in Troutdale) You will feel that we are bound to host something for the greatest tattooers to experience and enjoy! Every room you stay in has a different theme. Love you both. Hold the vision of boundless opportunities to come for all of us!

—Shantelle Richards
P.S. The pics don’t come close to how magnificent this place is.

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