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Posted in History, Human Interest by misterroadtripper on July 18, 2010


Every year, since I have lived in the Pacific Northwest, Mary Jane Haake holds a birthday celebration in Oaks Park, on the banks of the Willamette in Portland, Oregon. “It’s not really my birthday,” says Mary Jane. “It’s just a good reason to celebrate.” And that she does, with her friends and clients of Dermigraphics, a top notch tattoo salon which specializes in cosmetic tattooing plus the traditional designs of legends such as Bert Grimm (for whom Mary Jane was the last apprentice).

Featuring the Norman Sylvester band and lots of down-home barbecue, the party was, as usual, rockin’. Click on the green camera icon below and it will take you directly to a live-action video of the owner of Portland’s Sea Tramp Tattoo, Don Deaton, who relates a colorful episode involving Mary Jane’s tattoo mentor,  the legendary Bert Grimm. This is a classic story that’s pure Americana… and pure Bert Grimm! One that I bet you’ll be dieing to re-tell to others tomorrow!!!

Click 4 New Videos

Don Deaton

Mary Jane Haake

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