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Posted in ANNOUNCEMENTS by misterroadtripper on July 13, 2010


Poster CONTEST for Tattoo & Flash Artists

Here’s a chance to really shine. Create a poster of the Tattoo Road Trip poster girl, Consuela, and get your name splashed all over the Internet tattoo world. We’ll write a story all about you, you, you… plus post your business card (for free) on our website.

“An Artist’s Life” with Aaron Bell (coming soon)

World-famous artist and owner of Slave to the Needle talks about life on the road. You ‘ll read all about the inside doings of one of the most talented, trend-setting tattoo artists and entrepreneurs in the business. Just his ability to bring together a staff of world-class artists in two Seattle, Washington tattoo shops puts Aaron in the Tattoo Shop Owners’  Hall of Fame.

“Tattoo Art 101” with Madame Lazonga (coming soon)

The legendary Mistress of Ink brings back her amazing column all about being an artist. The Queen of Kool, Vyvyn Lazonga, shares her special insights into color, shape and form that appeals to artist and collector alike. Her column in Skin&Ink blew everyone away. Here’s your chance to once again enjoy her captivating  words and artwork like never before.


Yeah, Momma! We finally got our Tattoo Road Trip  animated, type-in-your-answers-style tattoo crossword puzzle up and running. Okay, hot shots, let’s see how hip (or is it “hep”) you are about everything Tattoo. Log onto our website (or click the graphic at the left) and test your word skills.

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