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Posted in Human Interest by misterroadtripper on July 9, 2010


Whatever you do, DO NOT sound like a city slicker and call chickens by the wrong names. Lady chickens start out as pullets and grow into hens. Young, guy chickens are called cockerels. Grown ones are roosters. Old farmhands like us (yeah, right) toss around a lot of names and terms that might be unfamiliar to you, so here’s a quick lesson in  chicken types: The ones in the photos are pullets and will be laying eggs within a couple weeks (when they become hens). The Arucanas lay green or blue ones!  If you are in the neighborhood, show your tattoo and get a double-discount on a dozen!

It’s a real shame you two aren’t having any fun… chickens look good, fat and happy. We are expecting eggs soon, too! Share pics of the landscaping! Everything looks beautiful and summery!

—Truck & Red & Ceylor (

Barred Rock


Buff Orpington


Silver Lace

Rhode Island Red

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