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Posted in Gallery, Road Trip Stuff by misterroadtripper on July 8, 2010


Like many tattoo collectors, most of my work is hidden from public view. But here’s one that I am proud to show: the childlike rendering of Raggedy Andy by Lockport, Illinois tattooist Jessica Weichers (pronounced “wick-kers”). The main squeeze of our friend and Tattoo Road Trip’s Tips & Tricks columnist Larry Brogan, Jessica first showed me her flash collection of “it’s-hard-to-stay-within-the-lines” tattoos a couple years ago. I couldn’t resist. Here’s some shots from Rick Harnowski’s Green Bay, Wisconsin tattoo convention, where Jessica made Andy a permanent part of my shinbone. Just for the record: the tattoo on the left was done by Gary Kasmala, to celebrate my very first tattoo Road Trip book, The Pacific Northwest, and the one on the right (“the cock that hangs down below my knee”) was from an old Cliff Raven flash, done by Dottie M. The one below (partial view) was done by Petelo Sulu’ape, on one of his visits to Black Wave Tattoo, in Los Angeles, California.

Jessica Weichers and Baxter at Green Bay.

Photos by Jes Strickler.

Wow!! I am flabbergasted!! I feel so honored to have been able to tattoo a legend in the business like yourself and have you have as much fun with my “whim” style as I and others do! It’ll always be one of my favorite whims!!!! Thank you again so much for your hospitality and friendship.

—Jessica Weichers (

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