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Posted in Letters by misterroadtripper on June 19, 2010

TATTOOS submitted by Brad Buehrle, Lucky 13 Tattoo, Richmond, Virginia.

Dear Brad:

Thanks for your email. It’s nice to see a sailor Jerry Collins pinup in a new setting. Next time, send us some text, too, and we’ll print your letter and images in the Daily Blog.

—Bob Baxter

And then, moments later, this arrived:

My name is Brad Buehrle. I work at Lucky 13 Tattoo Shop in Richmond, Virginia. This tattoo is one that I did for our shop girl, Kat. The Sailor Jerry pinup stands over the words “Pay Up, Sucker,” because Kat works hard taking care of all ten of our tattoo artists. Putting up with costumers and us.

—Brad Buehrle

Brad Buehrle Tattoo

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