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Posted in Gallery by misterroadtripper on June 14, 2010

Sorry for the belated publication of this story, but, when I was at the magazine, space and time commitments didn’t allow for its inclusion in an appropriate issue. Now, on the Internet, I can do a much better, more timely job.  If I get a story today… I can put it up for you to look at by tomorrow. I did not want to simply forget about this excellent show, so, I present it to you now… for your viewing pleasure.

—Bob Baxter


“Childhood Heroes” is a benefit exhibition for terminally ill children and young adults. The major percentage of sales went toward the “Berliner Herz” (Berlin Heart), a non-profit organization caring for these kids and young adults and supporting their families with all the challenges of every-day life such as doctors’ visits, paperwork or just enabling them to have a bit of time off. The “Berliner Herz” is a hospice relying entirely on donations to function. “Childhood Heroes” was organized by Yasha Young, the owner of Strychnin Gallery and Sara Rosenbaum, a tattoo artist from Berlin. Wanting to give back to the community, these two thought up a show where tattoo artists from all around the world donated art work that would then be sold for the hospice.

Pretty early on, the famous German country rock band The BossHoss became a supporter of the cause. They played a secret live gig on the opening night, but before that they played exclusively for some of the children and teenagers, their families and some of the volunteers from the hospice, who were invited to attend the sound check.

With a solid four-digit figure in sales for the hospice on the opening night, Childhood Heroes was a great success already. The exhibition terminated at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin April 7 and then travelled to Prague.

Media text from: Strychnin Gallery, Boxhagenerstr. 36, 10245Berlin,

All images copyright Iris Bitter.

Tattoo Artist Sebastian Domaschke, Low Brow Parlour, Berlin

By Mo Cappoletta, Family Business, London

BossHoss entertains the crowd.

Tattoo artist Julia Tobel from Tatau Obscur, Berlin.

Matthias Boettcher, Low Brow Tattoo, Berlin

By Sadhu

Arist Dido Walstra, Visavajara, Nürnberg, Germany

Andreas Lohaus, Director, Art.Fair 21, Cologne

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