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Posted in Gallery by misterroadtripper on June 11, 2010

Am I missing something here? I get photos through the mail almost every day. Some are good, some are not so good, but when I get a letter filled with superlatives like the one I quote below, and then I see the photos, I think maybe I’ve got a screw loose. I’ll leave out the person’s name and the shop. I don’t want to take unfair advantage of this guy, but, good Lord. Someone’s got to say something! Here’s the letter:

“I have been a tattoo artist for almost twelve years… It has been a dream of mine to get my work published in a magazine. I have seventeen trophies—fourteen first place, two second place and, in February, there was a local get-together and I was voted Best Tattooist of the Year for Indianapolis. I have dedicated my heart and soul for this lifestyle as a tattoo artist. It has been wonderful and will continue to be. I appreciate your time. Thank you so much.”

Nice, polite letter. Lots of awards. This sounds like a description of Robert Hernandez or Aaron Bell. Now, take a look at the photos, keeping in mind that this is the best of the lot. Fourteen first-place trophies? Best Tattooist of the Year? Errr… okay, if you say so.

Is this end up?

Or this?


Even more scary.

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