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Posted in Book Reviews, Gallery by misterroadtripper on June 10, 2010
Japanese ghost stories from pre-19th century Japanese mythology provided Crystal Morey of Tokyo’s Gomineko Press with an idea for a contest. She asked the tattoo community for illustrations based on obscure ghost stories, Ushi no Toki Mairi, and offered books as prizes. Overwhelmed by the response, she asked the owner of the Ghetto in Shinjuku, Ako-San about hanging the artwork in his gallery. Tattoo Burst magazine also helped to spread word of the event. She then wrote a second story, Okiku, and more entries arrived, She then followed up with two more, Kiyohime and Shitakari Suzume, both which exhibited at Hyaku Gallery. The book Japanese Ghost Stories is a selection of images from these events. I think that tattoo artists the world over will likewise be inspired by these captivating illustrations.


Shita by Horigyn

Ushi by Jay Chastain

Okiku by Horizaru

Ushi by Jack Mosher

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