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Posted in Gallery by misterroadtripper on June 9, 2010


Speaking of flash… we’ll, actually we weren’t, but every once in a while something comes through the mail that turns my attention to the graphic art skills of tattooists who specialize in drawing flash. Once the basic, utilitarian samples of an artist’s work tacked on tattoo shop walls as come-ons for the attention of prospective customers, flash has elevated itself. Quite simply, some of it, as in the case of the graphics presented here, can be called “fine art.” Framed and posted in high-class galleries from New York to Los Angeles and beyond, flash has reinvented itself and gone uptown. The artist who sent me a diskette is Shaun Topper from DaVinci Tattoo in Wantagh, New York. Dubbed the “Gateway to Jones Beach,” just south of Long Island’s Levittown, Wantagh boasts twenty-one tattoo shops with a population hovering just over twenty thousand residents. That’s about one tattoo artist for every thousand people. One for every five hundred, if you subtract the kids. With that much competition, everyone is trying to stand out from the pack. What better way than to hearken back to the old days and use flash to the attract attention of the local tattoo community? It must work… he got us to look twice.

P.S. Click the images to enlarge.


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