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Posted in Gallery by misterroadtripper on June 3, 2010


And then there’s the package I received from a fifteen-year veteran of tattooing, Daniel Stewart, from Lucky Rabbit Tattoos in Muncie, Indiana. Included in his envelope were eighteen digital images of tattoos, two of his shop and thirteen of the man himself, at work, at Mario Barth’s Vegas show, two in a black muscle-T and a couple in a nice gray suite with a powder blue Oxford cloth shirt. There was also one business card and one sticker. Good number of tattoos, plenty of business cards (what would I to do with ten or fifteen that most people send?), nice personal shots (in case we did a story on him) and… overall, an excellent presentation.

Along with all this was his “To Whom It May Concern” letter. As an editor, it would have been nice if Mr. Stewart had taken the time to find out my name. That way, it doesn’t look like I’m at the wrong end of a mass mailing. The personal touch always helps in getting on the right side of the person who is going to judge and possibly publish your pictures. He wrote:

“Tattooing has opened other doors over my fifteen-year journey. I remember tattooing the local SWAT team and being invited to train with them. The training included running an obstacle course, while firing four different firearms into pie plates at different ranges and ending with pulling a two-hundred-pound log across the finish line. I only missed one shot, shocking the entire team. Chalk one up to the tattoo artists!” Excellent letter. This guy Stewart has writing talent (not to mention a proficiency with firearms).

But how about the tattoos? The tiger and the man in the ski mask are a tad flat and one-dimensional, the portrait of the man (I hope to heaven it’s not Johnny Cash) is okay, no great, and the backpiece was good enough to win a trophy, so people must like his work. (Click on images to enlarge.)

But the two that caught my eye were the one with the guitar and the absolutely fantastic dog. Man, he nailed it with the dog. Put that kind of shading and attention to the light source on his tiger tattoo and it would have virtually leapt off that shoulder.

Cool guitar tribute tattoo by Dan Stewart.

Like "Bow wow, man." Bow wow!

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