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Posted in Videos by misterroadtripper on June 2, 2010

Larry Brogan from Tattoo City in Lockport, Illinois.


Pardon my early attempts at video taping tattoo celebrities. Even though I attended UCLA film school, years ago, my recent attempts at videotaping interviews demonstrated a semi-disastrous learning curve. When I ultimately bought a monopod and retreated to quieter surroundings (less ambient noise), things got steadier. In any case, I kind of like the gonzo journalism feeling of these interviews. It makes you feel like you are actually there, live and on the spot, crowd noise and all. All the Tattoo Road Trip videos  are available on YouTube,\. To go there, click on the camera icon.

—Bob Baxter


  • Lyle Tuttle (the “Father of Modern Day Tattooing”)
  • Madame Lazonga (30-year veteran Vyvyn Lazonga from Seattle, Washington)
  • Vancourt Richards (Slave to the Needle, Seattle, Washington)
  • Mr. G (Triangle Tattoo, Ft. Bragg, California)
  • Dana Brunson (tattoo paraphernalia collector and historian, Tattoo Designs by Dana in Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • Jojo Ackermann (American Made Tattoo, Rosamond, California)
  • Sailor Cam Cook (South Tacoma Tattoo, Tacoma, Washington)
  • Uncle Tim Heitkotter (Blue Tiki Tattoo, Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii)
  • David Nestler (internationally-known cover artist)
  • Steve Peace (organizer of Alberta Bound tattoo conventions in Calgary and Edmonton, Canada)
  • Lucky Diamond Rich (incomparable busker, jugglar and world traveler)
  • Niki the Model (Covergirl and girl next door)
  • Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii (heaven on earth)
  • Colin Dale, owner/artist at Skin & Bone Tattoo in København, Denmark
  • Tony Edwards (Black-and-gray master and owner of  Old Towne Tattoo in Tucson, Arizona)
  • Larry Brogan (Tattoo City, Lockport, Illinois

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