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Posted in Road Trip Stuff by misterroadtripper on May 25, 2010


After watching from the shadows for a day, I finally grabbed a camera and captured my impressions of Vince Hemingson’s Vancouver Photo Workshops project. I even posed for a trio of photographers and underwent a half-hour interview before the video cameras. All this is for a website story (which I am writing for, a coffee table book and a one-hour television thingy featuring a dozen or so photogs and forty or fifty models. More on that later but, for now, here’s some of my pix and snappy captions. Just like being there.

Bob Baxter

Canada's very cool flag.

Street sign proclaiming "Absolutely No Octagons Allowed."


A warm welcome from the local house of worship.

Houses look a lot like Portland houses.

One of many photo/video sessions.

Jeff Widdell and model.

Model tells P.J. Reece his story for the video cameras.

Photo of yours truly by Jeff Widdell.



Off to the airport and home!


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