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Posted in Road Trip Stuff by misterroadtripper on May 24, 2010


Where have I been lately? I was invited by Vince Hemingson of Vanishing Tattoo (dot com) to write a story about his humongous  (potentially, for charity) collaboration with Marc Koegel’s Vancouver (B.C., Canada) Photo Workshops for a big website splurge and coffee table book featuring a double-handful of Vancouver’s best photographers. My story about the event will be posted on (in a month or so), along with the best photos from the dozens of picture-taking sessions (each photographer shot the same model), so it will be great fun to compare each of the lens artists’ work, yes? More later, but, for now, here’s a photo that I took, which might give you a hint as to what it was like in Vancouver on Victoria Day weekend  (May 21-24) in Canada. Yeah… there were babes. So what did you think was going to happen when tattoos and cameras got together? More soon.

P.S. The model is Miss Leah Jung from New York City.

 —Bob Baxter

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